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Status of this page

This page of the wiki has been unmaintained for some time. Effort to resume updating it with highlights from the mailing list, git log, or news about related projects would be most welcome!

0.9.12 release, July 29, 2013

Notable new features include zoneinfo timezone support, PIE support on all supported targets, simple heap-based buffer overflow detection in free/realloc, and mildly improved IPv6 support. Various dynamic linker improvements have been made for arch variants and non-root installations. The C++ ABI is now stabilized and compatible with glibc's C++ ABI. Several major bugs have been fixed including a potentially-dangerous regression in scanf introduced in 0.9.11 that could pass invalid pointers to free, a flaw in dl_iterate_phdr's reporting of library headers that could crash C++ exception-handling, and longstanding integer overflows in time conversion code that produced incorrect results for certain pre-1935 dates. Other minor bugs have also been fixed.

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0.9.11 release, June 29, 2013

Adds support for the scanf %m allocation modifier, week-number-related strftime formats, and various legacy network-related functions. Major improvements to dynamic linker path handling and pseudo-random number generators. Major visible bugs/regressions in scanf and mbsrtowcs fixed, plus synchronization and resource-leak bugs and x86_64-specific bugs that resulted in crashes at startup in some C++ programs or unpredictable signal behavior.

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