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Linux distributions using musl

  • sabotage. (up-to-date and maintained fork)
  • Derived from LFS. based on busybox.
  • About 700 packages including X11, LXDE, alsa, SDL, C++.
  • Supports i386, x86_64, arm, mips, powerpc
  • Uses lightweight replacements for netlink, pkg-config and gettext
  • Optimized for build speed and small binary size
  • Per-Package directories following stow/gobolinux spirit
  • bootstrap-linux. Consists only of a minimal set of packages that can be crosscompiled. kernel, toolchain, busybox.
  • LightCube OS For now there are only scripts to bootstrap a working environment with musl. This environment will be used to build out a full server-centric distribution with a centralized package repository.
  • Snowflake
  • Includes only of a minimal set of packages that can be crosscompiled. (Kernel, toolchain, busybox, gawk, make and sed)
  • Uses pkgsrc for additional packages, so supports thousands of packages.
  • Mainly a platform for testing usrview, a system for per-process views of /usr, for very fine-grained control of package management.
  • 2013-09-28 Updated to correct name of toolchain used.
  • 2013-09-14 Upgraded to Musl-0.9.13. Supports *-*-musl* tool-chains.

Linux distros that plan to switch to musl

Linux distros shipping musl as an optional package

Other Projects

Third-party projects using or building on musl:

  • simplecct simple cross compiler toolchain
  • ELLCC is a Clang/LLVM and musl based cross compilation toolchain for embedded systems
  • ELK an ELLCC subproject. ELK is a linux compatible enviroment for embedded systems using musl as its libc.
  • Emscripten is an LLVM-based compiler from C and C++ to JavaScript, using most of musl (some filesystem parts are written in JavaScript)
  • Dwarf Fortress port
  • OSv "cloud" operating system uses a musl based libc
  • Mirage OS is a Xen guest mostly written in OCaml, its floating-point formatting code is from musl.
  • docker-muslbase minimal musl-based docker container
  • buildroot toolchain has musl libc option
  • seL4 seL4 kernel ships with musl
  • NodeOS linux with Node.js as userspace
  • Rust is a programming language with musl supported as a cross-compilation option