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Releases will continue to follow, roughly, a time-based release schedule, with targets that may or may not be met for each individual release. The first couple releases in the roadmap that follows are expected to follow their time estimates and feature targets fairly closely. Past that, later releases are just rough ideas or what might be feasible and worthy of prioritizing within the given time constraints. The roadmap may change radically before we get there.

musl 1.1.16

Estimated release: Late July

Primary targets:

  • UB-correctness fixes including string functions and stdio
  • Dynamic linker correctness improvements
    • Separate loaded DSOs chain from global chain
    • Improved locking strategy for running ctors from dlopen
  • Using stdio buffer provided to setvbuf
  • Updating character data to current Unicode
  • SH/J-core optimizations

Secondary targets:

  • Initial merge of RISC-V port
  • IEEE quad math correctness
  • Further dynamic linker performance improvements and clean-up
  • Adding GLOB_TILDE to glob implementation

musl 1.1.17

Estimated release: Late August

Primary targets:

  • Adding ARM Cortex-M (NOMMU) support (including building ARM as pure thumb2).
  • Resolving GCC symbol-versioning incompatibility issue - see
  • LC_COLLATE implementation
  • IDN support in DNS resolver

Secondary targets:

  • Complex math correctness
  • Remapping of glibc-ABI-incompatible symbols (regexec, etc.) by dynamic linker
  • Enhanced LSB/glibc ABI-compat, especially fortify __*_chk symbols

Milestone goals for musl 1.2.0

The following tentative goals for what would constitute "musl 1.2.0" have been established. There is no projected release date for 1.2.0 at this time, but there will likely be at least one additional release (beyond the above) in the 1.1.x series before 1.2.0.

  • Improved locale and multilingual support
    • LC_COLLATE support for collation orders other than simple codepoint order
    • IDN support in DNS resolver
    • Character data aligned with current Unicode at time of release
  • Documentation
    • Bringing existing documentation into alignment with changes made since 1.0.0
    • Documenting new and non-obsolescent extensions in detail
    • Adapting text from wiki and other sources on properties of the implementation relevant to programmers and end users
  • Third-party projects
    • Non-glibc-based nscd-protocol backend for LDAP (and perhaps NIS)
    • Locale data and libc message translations
    • Support for Windows targets via Midipix (

Open longer-term goals

  • Iconv overhaul with support for stateful encodings like ISO-2022-JP and BOMful UTF-16/32, and possibly support for converting to legacy CJK encodings (not just from them)
  • Improving support for C++11 non-POD TLS objects (difficult due to GCC botching the ABI)
  • Refactoring arch tree to reduce or eliminate bits header duplication
  • Review wordexp implementation for conformance issues, fixing any found
  • Message translation support for dynamic linker

Postponed/tabled goals

  • New semaphore implementation (delayed; design issues remain)
  • Re-unifying x86_64 and x32 sigsetjmp.s
  • New getlogin[_r] with lookup via controlling tty