Supported Platforms

The target platforms (operating system, compiler toolchain, instruction set) on top of which musl is known to work.

Supported OS

musl is built on the Linux syscall layer. Linux kernel >=2.6.39 is necessary for POSIX conformant behaviour, older kernels will work with varying degrees of non-conformance, 2.4 kernels will only work for simple single-threaded applications.

Supported target architectures (ABIs)

ABI/ASM manuals

Supported Compilers

Any conformant C and C++ compiler should be able to use musl (to compile and link application code).

As of 2013-09-29, the following compilers are known to be able to compile musl:

Further Information

Bootstrapping a working qemu development environment for microblaze is hard, here are the needed steps to do so.

See Porting for information on how to port musl to a new architecture.